Saturday, March 25, 2017

Preparing for the Dance of Life...

Best be believe
I know what I am doing
I know where I am going
.....Hold up.....
It's not that intense..
Just do you..
and have an outstanding time..

The beautiful gown you see is Virtual Diva's Soleil Gown. Classic black gown with a white petals around the collar and a black and white hairpiece.

Also the new release of the Elite hair. My jewelry is also from Virtual Diva. Both  these items can be found @ Swank's March Round.

Makeup by Milla Rasmuson Makeup's Sheer Makeup and Sensual Lipstick

Charm hair is free for a limited time @ Virtual Diva.

Style Card: Jewelry: Kungler Makeup: Milla Rasmuson Makeup

The beautiful Seduction Gown by *JS* Creations (silk red and gold shown).

Virtual Diva Charm mix in red and brown free @ Virtual Diva.

@ Sunset Mist Town Square: Special prices.

Special sale price today for Uni-qu3 's Rozana High Heels.

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