Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Art of Life 2

It has been asked
Which comes first
Art or Life?
Does Art  imitate life?
Life imitate Art?
Live your best life
and it will feel like


Don't miss The Artist's Palette: Check out some more designs.....

Featured outfit: Calamitous Intent Garden Party Dress, Boots and Collar (Hud to change color of the boots, flower, ribbon and

. Check out the couple pose Serenade from poses by KiKay (includes the rose and guitar).

Style Card: Hair: EMoTION, Bird: Lode, Jewelry (yellow): Daisy Chain (designer Maxi Gossamer)

Featured outfit: Nora outfit by Blackrose (Brown), Petite Chambre Nails Colorful Pop Nails,
Photo taken on the Ashemi sim 

Style Card: Hair: Analog Dog, Jewelry: Esmeralda, Makeup: Highlife, Pose Ma Vie (Didi) Boots: Lindy, Tote: Legendaire.

Featured MIRUS Dark Times Dress with HUD (classic and mesh bodies), Dirty Secrets Cupcake bandaid for those little boo boos.

Style Card: Hair: ICONIC. Makeup: MUA and Glamorize, Shoes: Glamistry, Jewelry: Esmeralda

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