Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Art of Life ...

The art of life is beautiful
Behold the intricate things
It's in the little things
The subtle things
Life begins...
It's in the little things..
The subtle things
Joy can be found
That is lasting....

Features item: Angel's Touch: Messenger of Peace (flower branch), A beautiful zen branch that reminds us of the importance of nature and the life it sustains..including ours.

Style Card: Hair: Exile (Jill), Makeup: Vogue and Glamorize, Headpiece: Lode

All items exclusive for  The Artist's Palette

Featured item: Low Prim Living Boracay Hanging Chair. It includes animations for single or couples, plants and 2 tiki torches.

Style Card: Hair: Letituler (Iggy), Dress March gift for Prey VIPs, Shoes: Glamistry, Stocking: SLC, Ring, Makeup: Highlife and Delizio, Earrings: Ryca.

Featured item: The beautiful Maya Necklace from Timeless. Beautiful 2 tier necklace in gold. It comes in 4 colors.

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