Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tag ! You're it...

Tag you're it!
Run after what you want.
Run after the best..
Move amongst the brightest..
Tag you're it..
Come get yours!

Sunset Mist Town Square Event. Tag Sale. (Click on the tag sale banner on the left)

Featured items: SLC Mini Skirt plum and spring green. These skirts are cute and sexy. It one and make it your own. The pose is darling from poses by KiKay. I use couple poses with a partner and without. Do you!

Style Card: (green skirt)Hair: Argrace (Nao), Makeup: MUA, Top: Ghee, Lace Heavenly shoes with socks, Glasses: ArisAris.
(plum skirt) Hair: Truth, Makeup: Delizo, Highlife, Top: Ghee, Jewelry: Platinum color change spikes and chain earring. (both)

Tag deals are coming the 3/10/2017. 

Featured item: Low Prim Living Chaucer Desk is perfect for your home. It comes with it's own animation and objects. Low in prims and @ a special price. Check out the tag sale @ Sunset Mist Town Square.

Decor Card: Open book (Bellarose Designs) Lamp: Chrystal Lamp designer: Patch Thibaud

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