Monday, November 26, 2012

Final Part Three :))

Readers we were asked to style an outfit from fashion district A and B from the CWS sim.
There are a lot of quality stores in both districts so I spent hours moving from shop to shop. In district A I made my first choice from  Lillou Merlin. Lillou's has a lot of beautiful clothes. When I look at clothes I tend to be drawn to eras. I chose the Emerald Green Milady Gown. It made me think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The gown as you can see is a beaded satin look mermaid gown with matching hat and gloves with a bow at the waist designed by Lillou Merlin. My hair is dark and wavy, called vintage and designed by I chose pearls to drape down the back because long pearls were needed but would be too busy in the front. the pearl necklace and earrings are diamond and pearl mix to add some sparkle both  are designed by Alyssa Bijoux.  My shoes are  N-Core Tribute Noir Intense designed by Claire Messenger. I chose these shoes for the flexibility in changing shoe color and trim. The shoe is trimmed in emerald green in the sole and heel. N-Core shoes have low lag and a great by. This outfit can be worn at any formal social event and you can not do wrong.

My second choice I had era in mind again and I think you may find it fun too reader. :)

District B is different from District A. District B is an outdoor shopping center.The stores are beautifully designed and easy to look over and make choices. After searching through all the stores twice, I made a choice  from Danielle;s. I chose Danielle's Groovy Poa. Its a jumpsuit with a black background with colorful dots all over. Its trimmed in white at the halter area. The jumpsuit reminded me of the 70s with a bit of tradition added with the matching gloves. A jumpsuit like this deserves flowing big hair. I chose LALA designed by Emotions with a brown hair base, The hair is big and curly and fun still adding classy. I chose my jewelry for its color, red and style , casual from an old Second Life favorite, JStyle. I am wearing the red ball earrings, the wrap around bracelets and red choker necklace all designed by isis Secretspy.
My shoes are red jeweled stilettos designer unknown. This outfit is fun and can be worn to any party.  I really enjoyed styling bothe outfits and Reader I hope you like it too.

Second Life modeling is very detailed and training is essential. I would like to thank Anrol and Steve for putting together the best modeling school in Second Life. I have the best instructors, Vicky, Tiffani, Janet and Laylah. Our Dean of students, Lisana is also very involved. I thank them all because reader without them I could not do this. They make sure we know and understand everything to be the best.

Reader come join us,,,,you'll love it. :)) I hope you like the outfits I chose.

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