Saturday, November 24, 2012

CWS Midterms

CWS Midterm Styling: Avant garde

Reader, today we had our midterms at Classic With Style Modeling University.
My classmates and I were nervous, but it was time to show what we knew after weeks of training.
My styling was yellow roses with butterflies. It was fun putting it together. I even changed my skin texture to reflect the golden tones in the roses. I really hope Anrol and my instructors liked it.

After the styling we edited prims of this hat and quick changed into a bathing suit.Second Life modeling is hard work, but practice, practice, practice and it gets easier. My classmates and I help each other and that makes the work fun. Come join us at CWS. I bet you find it just as challenging but enjoyable as we all do. bye for now :))

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