Saturday, December 8, 2012

Graduation Day!!!

 Graduation Day !!!

Readers , wow...I actually completed the program. CWS graduation was just like any graduation from any institution of higher learning. We were encouraged and then given a challenge to continue on to model in Second Life. I was totally taken by surprise when I won for best blogger. I was so surprised I was speechless and forgot to take a picture to show you my trophy.  Lil won Valedictorian which was an excellent choice.

Anrol and Steve created this school to help women be the best they can be, if not in reality; it can be lived in SL. It was encouraging to hear Anrol talk about the goals of the company and it's mission. Every woman whether you modeled in real life or just love fashion should try Second Life modeling. It is a profession that helps you focus and have fun. CWS simply wants us all to be the best. I like to congratulate all my class mates,,,,,We made it !!!

What did we do to celebrate you ask? We went to a party held by the school, but when I got boyfriend waltzed me around the beach! Second Life modeling is great :))!

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