Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skater Styling

Readers the styling them was skaters and immediately I thought of Tony Hawk and the skate boarders in California. I have always been fascinated by the skating styles. Those who do it make it look so easy. When the skater flip or fly through the air, it seems they are floating lol. Here I am as a skate boarder with the style of comfort, the baggy pants simple shoes and shirt, even my hair is simple with a beanie. I enjoyed wearing the clothes. My Pao said I looked like a child. I can do that styling again for a comment like that. :)

Well reader that night as I stood backstage of the event; my teachers and other models were there; as always I am a ball of nerves. Everyone looked wonderful!! We were back stage wishing each other luck. When I walked out on the runway, all nerves intensified, you thought I was going to say it disappeared,,,well it didn't, but I went on with the show any way. and it paid off. Below is is a photo of me taking third place. Ms. Summit won the night as a wonderful and classy ice skater. I had a great time and when they called my name. Really I did not even know I placed. It was exciting
Come see a show and see if it sparks your creativity,and a desire to model :)).

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