Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tiger Styling :)

Classic With Style Modeling held the Tiger styling:
In my search to find the perfect outfit I sim hopped and scowlered market place until I found  The Pekas Panther creme tiger outfit. It is a draping of tiger skin over my body, covering the vital places :). I felt like a Tigeress looking for her mate.  This outfit was designed by  KiRaDaRk jigsaw. I chose to add illuminious cat eyes with eyelashes to add the cat features with gold lipstick is a great addition. It is designed by sthefanie Paine.
Okay running through the jungle you may not have time to do your hair but, with Lenor Blonde from Vanity Fair you can still be a diva. This hair was designed by Tabata Jewell.
I chose my  shoes because the skin texture matches my outfit adding to the full cat effect. My shoes are from N-Core wild edition collection. they are designed by Claire Messenger.
To top off this diva/primitive outfit Kenyan jewelry bracelet, necklace and earrings orange and gold in color designed by Loredana Loring for the Kenyan project.

Readers, I finally got 3rd place alone, I was thrilled :): The winners were:

 1st-     Timberlynn
            2nd-     Liberty Lighthouse
                     3rd-    Bell (frayar)

Thank you judges and Anrol and Steve. It may have been third place but, it was a personal win because I really needed to practice using the cameras. I was the worse at it. Now I am better because of the mantra: practice, practice, practice. Reader come join me on the catwalk.. Become apart of the best modeling agency in SL; Classic With Style. We;re Simply the Best!

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