Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bell's Sunday Blog Has it All!

Hi Readers ,

Today there is so much happening I am putting it all in one blog. Beautiful clothes, a Hunt and a Fashion Show all happening in SL this week. So here it is and get ready for a busy week :).


Ms. Goor is back with another beautiful outfit. This is a beautiful jade spaghetti halter gown with a hip high slit. This gown not only glitters when you wear it, but it is beaded on top in the black pattern. Goor Fashion Style has a style for the adventure in you. Click on the banner below and get your glitter on.

Photo taken at Aero Golf Club
The rest of my styling is: Ricielli Diva eyeshadow #5, designer Vilet Ricielli
                                          Lelutka Biggest  Hair , designer  Thora Charron
                                          October's 4Season Kinetic Strawberry Kiss, designer October Bouvier
                                          Loren Bracelet and ring,, designer serenity Kaufmat
                                          LG shoes Joystick
                                          Lika Ruby black shaw


This outfit is great for the fall and winter. The classic sweater dress with a cowneck collar. The dress is called, What About Me. This dress has paralleled stripes. In this photo the stripes are purple, grey and black but it also comes in 2 other colors. So you get 3 outfits for the price of warm and stay warm and cozy to beat....not to mention sexy :).
                                                  Photo taken on the alirium sim.

The rest of my styling is: Hair: Vanity's Cinema in black
                                         October's 4 Season Kinetic Coral
                                         Cargo Black panty hose , designer Vikki Placebo
                                         Izzie' wood black bangles
                                         Kismet Black Boots, designed by Grisele Grizot
                                         Saje Wendy nat earrings in black
                                         DE Shoulder Bag black (marketplace)

Kenyan Project

The November hunt is happening on Bunny Isle. We have 10 different hunts happening come by and find your treasure. :)

Hold This Date!
The Kenyan Project is holding its 3rd fashion show. It's a charity fundraiser and we have some excellent designers all set to show you their wares. The theme of this show is AUDACIOUS! The designers are fun and full of adventure and style. So hold:
NOVEMBER 15, 2014  2pm SLT
It has been a lovely day, so I'll leave you with Bill Withers singing, Lovely Day !

Lovely Day by Bill Withers on Grooveshark

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