Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prey: Be Ensnared by The New Releases!


Creepin' by Luther Vandross on Grooveshark

Prey is still Creepin into your dreams with the new releases that will ensnare you.

(Below) Cyper Chic dress get military with it. All leather in green and black with a spiked collar and shoulders. Check out the leather boots that are made to walk all over .... :).

(Below) Is the outfit Tie Down...There is nothing more alluring than masculine feminization. A red power tie with a sexy layered mini. The bra top in classic black and white is a perfect look....Says come on let's work :). The heels are apart of this outfit...the perfect pumps!

(Below) Is the Mystical Queen gown...the white eye lit knots are beautiful and elegant. I'm a bit bohemian walking barefoot through the garden calling ....come visit Prey


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