Friday, April 10, 2015

Sky's New Color Me Project is Silver!

Sky has created a fun silver studded two piece leather outfit to die for. It's Called Duke's Girls Silver outfit. The halter top is too sexy with the plunging neckline. The leather skinny jeans are real body huggers with studs on the pelvis area of the pants. Its a wonderful fun look. Sexy platform sandals are also available. This is just one of 3 outfits available at the Color Me Project. Here is the limo Color Me Project.

Photo location: Bunny Isles (click on the Harambee banner below) 
Style Card: Hair:  Aibeat *Asym* jetblack
Make-Up:Highlife Skin Zivaah LIPS SOFTBEIGE  and Eyes Blue Liner, designer, Farrahfoster
Jewelry: EARING HOOP GOLD (L) and VJ - Victoriana bracelet Silver, designer, rkthings.crystal
Now That We Found Love by Third World

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