Sunday, April 17, 2016

Being Your Soulful Self...

There are many ways to express yourself.
Your language
Your facial expression
Your sense of fashion..

Sometimes you want to show your ethereal side..
Yes we all have that...You can recognize it when you
do things or feel things beyond yourself and it
reflects on the outside...

I like to wear things that reflect that feeling..
Like this Alberta Jewelry set from Finesmith
Look closer..It says I am living beyond what I see..

The necklace wide like wings protect and keep my heart  in flight.

The tiara reminds me of my queenly status.

The arm bracelet says I am captured in this knowing.

The earring makes it clear, I'm listening.

The bracelet says when I touch you...I share this power with you...
So you can find your power too.

Style card:
Bodysuit,,from ELF
Hair from Analog Dog

You express yourself in how you give,, Kenya Project Hunt

This weeks featured hunt item is this biker outfit..
We all have a little tough person inside...
I love to show mine on a bike..
I guess I live by the adage that says:
Keep it simple and beauty shines through in the calmness of simplicity.

This biker outfit is very casual with ripped jeans and a hud for the top with 6 different styles to fit your soul..

So pack your bags (luggage 1L in the hunt), get on your bike and let loose of the stress. You can shop at Finesmith or hunt@ the Kenya Project..either way;

Let the biggest part of your soul be faith, hope and charity, but let the greatest of these be charity (love)... See you next time.

Style Card:
Iconic hair and hat, The Boss

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