Monday, May 2, 2016

Mirror Mirror on The Wall...Tell Me True...

When you look in the mirror
What do you see?
Things that can be changed?
Things that define your beauty?

If the eyes are the window to the soul
Then let my eyes be blessed to see the
truth in love.
Rejoice in the good I see.
Rejoice in the things I got over.

I think I love fashion because it is a way to be
my soulful self through expression and ideas.

Today the ladies of Audace did express themselves in the May Model of The Month.
The theme was Avant Garde Spring Flowers!

The 6 contestants were:

1, Agee Canto
2. Aorist
3, Madison
5. Catalysis

The winner is.....Ms. Catalysis. If you want to be apart, contact Ms. Sidney Abbott for more details.
These ladies did a wonderful job! They styled flowers from steampunk to flower sprites. Wonderful job!

There are times I want to get involved in some wonderful contest. When I see something interesting it tugs at me, but I don't have the time to meet the deadline. This week Metaverse Modeling Agency  ran a contest for their magazine print. The theme was: Renaissance. Of course I did not meet the deadline, but I took the photos any way. See what I did.

I love history, but there are no paintings of women of color dressed in the renaissance fashion. So I know me, I would of been a rebel and dress to ride in comfort...I love horses in RL. So hear I am as a rebel during the renaissance period...A mour woman free and free thinking.

Style Card:
Hair:Olivion ] Wrapped Braids by Imako / Brown Espresso. MP
~Tableau Vivant~ Orestes shirt (shirt layer)- Designer,M4ri1yn Magic
FP Malice Lacy BodySuit 4- Designer, Honey Bender
<P3> Straps Leggings- Designer, Ivy Thatch
1. Corset Panties (no garters)- Designer, tatiana starsider
FP Barock'n'roll Pants M- Designer, Honey Bender
FP LE PETIT CADEAU Mesh Corset yellow M- Designer, Honey Bender
Glam Affair - Hope Headdress Raven- Designer, amberly boccaccio
Horse: =fashiowl poses= Fantasy Horse Female- Designer, Goizane
The vintage sign- Can be found at the Kenya Project Hunt.

Continuing with the HUNT Theme...Below is the red raining umbrella 1 L in the Kenya Project Hunt.

Rain is always fun...Washing away the old and feeding the new. So when the Mirror reflects what it sees...It sees life....that goldmine of creativity :).

Style Card:

Hannah dress in Paisley- Designer, Anastacia Markova
Hair from ICON-
Bracelet-Bliensen + MaiTai - Suzie Q - Bracelet - R - glow-Designer,Plurabelle Laszio

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