Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hello Fear...There's Something I Need To Say!

Hello Fear

You come to me..
You say you love me..
Your love hurts
Your love bruises my body
leaving your mark
Your essence

Hello Fear
I stand in my power
Strong enough to say
I don't want you
Take your essence


Don't Touch Me!!!

LUXE Paris fashion house is proud to join the group ''Noli me tangere - No me toques!'' (Don't touch me! in Latin and Spanish) in its worldwide campaign to stop Violence Against Women.

This outfit has been made to create awareness of these unspeakable acts happening all over the planet.  Then to promote a message of Non-Violence and publish information where women can find help.

 The ''Noli me tangere! No me toques'' group fights all kinds of violence against women: slaving, violence in the family, violence in relationships, psychological violence, rape, sexual exploitation, clitoris ablation and femicide (murder of a woman because of her gender).

For more information, to help or be helped, please contact: sofiarossi or Mariselaa

The outfit can also be found on Marketplace Store:

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