Sunday, April 10, 2016

Creativity: Generosity of The Soul...

Having the ability to create,
Share that creativity.
Is a wonderful gift..

March was the beginning of Spring and Easter celebrations.
Now is April and light..
Longer days to create.

April 2, was the day of the Relay for Life Fashion Show hosted by
Audace Models, which I am one of.
They are a group of ladies and gentlemen who enjoy fashion, fun and life..
The event raised over 25,000L+ for Relay for Life.

I modeled Designs by Shani.

Casual Wear:

Bell is wearing a whimsical casual dress called Dog and Butterfly dress designed by Shani Steampunk (MsCherie).  The dress is fun with a free flowing A-Line skirt and a fitted bodice. The dress is in purple and pink with flowers on the bodice and sheer sleeves. This is a perfect spring dress. Bell keeps the fun going with the pink tights from Blueberry and KC Tanika platform shoes in purple print. Her hair tops the look off and its from Tuty called, Shock electric bob. Bell looks like she is having fun in this number. Shoot location is the Pink Dragon.

Formal Wear:

Bell is wearing The Suite Madame Gown also designed by Shani Steampunk (MsCherie). This gown has a Spanish feel with the gathered collar, black lace and the print on the bodice. The skirt is in black leather mermaid style but in tea length. Bell added Empire's Marigold wrap platform shoes in purple to keep the look going. We love her hair from Vanity called, Raining Roses. Her hair is brown with black roses that says she is ready for a romantic night on the town. Let's tango :). Shoot location is Club Dorado.

This event was fun to be apart of until my computer glitched on me...but now we are back and strong :), but don't you hate that lol.

April also brings Hunts...

The Kenya has monthly hunts. Everything found is 1L and you help other people better their lives through education. Here are some things you can find:- @ Kenya Project Hunts!

Ouija Jewelry: Celtic and Oracle.

I styled the jewelry with the Mystical Gown from Prey. It was a perfect match.

Style Card: 
Jewelry: Ouiji Celtic and Oracle
Mystical Dress- Prey
Abyss Designs Scholar's Peaked Hat

Flower textures...

Want to be a country girl?

Bell is getting her country girl on in this outfit standing on the plains of Idaho...
You know what she is waiting for??? That's right chickens lol.

If you want to eat organic you must go back to the basics and get some chickens...This chicken coop and chickens are just 1L in the hunt.

style card: VG Beater Tank top-designer-Chloris
Noya lip gloss-designer-Noya
V- Edge control hairbase-designer- Jazmine-Dipped
Hair- Oh, Analog Dog 
Knotted plaid shirt- designer: Mystiminix Firehawk
Allure Bandit Jeans- designer: Athayus Quan
straw-designer- foxmenn cortes
Adiva Kenya Moto BOOt- designer- Annejoy Paine

So drop by Shani's or join the hunt @ Bunny Isles, have fun :) and spread love!!

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